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We don't claim to be the pioneer just because we started early but because of our comittment to provide you the best and to improve and increase our services constantly.

Food Onboard

When we look for an in-flight catering services on internet, we notice that either they are an established name in the F&B industry.

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Business Jet Catering

With the amount of experience and the skillset we possess, we can cater all sort of VIPs and other private jets with ease.

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Professional air line laundry and dry cleaning is always the best option to keep the aircraft clean and hygienic.

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Flight Kitchen

A well automated flight kitchen facility like ours is just enough to take all your ventures to the next level.

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Sky is not the Limit

During our journey of making "in-flight catering" really our cup of tea, we realized that with the culinary skillset and the experience we possess we can go beyond. The term food catering is classified into three main categories, Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Social Event Catering. The advanced kitchen setup like us is well equipped to cater all sort of caterings.We have served the "sky" and will continue to deliver the finesse, now its time to touch the "earth", because "sky is not the limit".


Its an human tendency to keep a count of everything we do and we have, even if it is non-countable we always find a way to convert it into figures. These figures becomes facts and some of these facts becomes proofs which are globally accepted. We have proved ourselves on various parameters and earned all the certificates from all the concerned authorities for food safety, hygiene we keep and the kind of service we are committed to.