Beyond In-Flight Catering

During our journey of making "in-flight catering" really our cup of tea, we realized that with the culinary skillset and the experience we possess we can go beyond. The term food catering is classified into four main categories, Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Concession Catering, Social Event Catering. The advanced kitchen setup like us is well equipped to cater all sort of caterings.We have served the "sky" and will continue to deliver the finesse, now its time to touch the "earth", because "sky is not the limit".

Corporate Catering

Corporate gatherings are always time-constrained and menu-specific.The sense of timely delivering and placement of what you need makes us best in the segment. "Just count on us and you can focus on the purpose".

Social Event Catering

In today's era of social media, social events have become a rarity.But when these take place it requires a good monetary investment. Good food is one of the reason for the people to come. So a big chunk of the budget is invested in food catering. Our cultural roots makes us understand the food menu better and our professionalism makes you assured of great service ahead.


Concession Catering

All sorts of seasonal, sporting major public events fall into this category. A diverse food menu is required to cater the people gathered as spectators to enjoy a cricket match into an open seating arrangement called stadium. Our great network and a strong hold over the market with years of goodwill earned on the name SKYFEAST, enables us to cater all the instant and adhoc menus and that too within the budget.

Wedding Catering

Wedding itself is a day of great importance, which requires everything to fall in place without a miss.The responsibilities are divided domain specialists are hired to manage and generate the best outcome. We are so well- corrdinated that one can put all the food related responsibilities on us and enjoy the compliments form the guests for all the delecacies prepared and served.