Our Services

Food Onboard

When we look for an in-flight catering services on internet, we notice that either they are an established name in the F&B industry or they are a subsidiary of one. SKYFEAST is one of the few standalone organisations in the industry, which rely totally on the facts & figures to create their brand value.10,000 meals a day, over 7000 flights catered anually.

We stick to the basics with inclusion of technology where it is actually required, when it comes to the operations. We preach all the copybook practices which is in accordance with the theory of air catering. Starting from gathering the raw material to the delivery of the suggested menues, we have experts to take care of cooking, portioning and plating of the food.

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Business Jet Catering

With the amount of experience and the skillset we possess, we can cater all sort of VIPs and other private jets with ease. The demand for charter aircraft in India has been growing consistently.Favorable changes in Indian regulations in the last two to three years have helped boost the business aviation sector. The analysts feel that the business aviation sector in India has a very positive outlook. The country is now undergoing a mindset change.

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Professional air line laundry and dry cleaning is always the best option to keep the aircraft clean and hygienic. It is required that everything included the laundry is ready before the scheduled flight departures.

We take care of the airline laundry and drycleaning services for the fabrics, garments, uniforms,costumes used by the crew and other staff allowing ample time to the flight operators and staff to focus on the core activities. We truely understand the ideal procedures and products for the task and thats why we spend time in incorporating specialists so that you are never delayed.

Once you opt for us all the Linen crafts like Crew Costumes, Staff uniforms,blankets, bath mats, towels bedsheets, curtains, table cloths all are on us. Our personnel will also clean the aircraft upholstery, leaving the plane tidy and smelling fresh.

Flight Kitchen

A well automated flight kitchen facility like ours is just enough to take all your ventures to the next level. Skyfeast with its 10,000 sq feet facility,located within the vicinity of 100m to the airport becomes a great choice for all your needs. Our inhouse modern bakery prepares fresh and customized breads daily. Whether it is a regular meal or a local delicacy on your mind, you can count on us for serving you without a fail.

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